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Please stop trying to be Benny Benassi because you're TERRIBLE at it.

Stop using pitchbends. Stick to what you started around three minutes into the song, because the rest of it sucks.

TreeDonkey responds:

If you were a true Benassi fan you'd know that this is NOTHING like his style. I agree that the lead I used is similar to what Benassi would use but the feel of the music and the beats are nothing of his work.

Stop trying to act like you know what you're talking about and cause trouble, learn to appreciate music.

I get it.

Excellent for retro Game-Over screen.


It would be very excellent if there was a pop star singing in it and would probably make millions. I recommend calling Ke$ha.

Alternatively, you could speed it up and do happy hardcore style vocals and it would come out very nice.

NeonEntity responds:

Ok thanks man cheers for the ideas
haha Ke$ha nice :)


Very Zelda. Do it

ATProductions responds:

Thank you! I'm working on a shadow temple theme right now!


I don't know what [insert incredibly explicit name here] voted 0 right off the bat on this song, but you didn't deserve that.

It's not remarkable in any way, but it certainly is not BAD.

Unfortunately, I can't really give much input as far as improving it goes. It's really not bad at all, though. I was jsut reviewing to let you know it's not shit like some jerks seem to be rating it.

it's so quiet

It's so quiet I can't hear it. I'd review it and vote on it normally, but I can't hear it at all.

0 stars only because I couldn't hear anything

kevinkt responds:

It works fine on my computers thats strange I will repost it if others are having a problem


It would have been much better if you had spent an hour instead of 15 minutes. The random record noises kinda ruin for me, but what you have right now is pretty catchy.

propfit responds:

yeah i will eventualy its just something i did before i left for college in the morning

"This is a Summary"

It's gonna sound very good when you're done. You have an excellent buildup in the beginning.

By the way, where did you get that kick drum sample (Apparently I'm a little obsessed with kick drums)? I've been looking for that sound everywhere.

DjSc00p responds:

I layered kicks. You should EQ and layer kicks to make them really good. This intro will be even more awesome after i add more to it including FX and stuff :]. Thanks for the review!


The kick was very weak for hardcore style. It was kinda rubbery. Maybe try a bit more distortion or a squarizer or bitbasher and then crankin' it a bit.

And please, for the love of my unsuspecting ears, get the volumes straightened out.

As far as techno tunes go it was catchy.

Mushroomhead18nc responds:

sorry but I dont want to make a song called Kick drum featuring instrument accompliment.. I know your going by the "guidlines" of hardcore but personally I dispise kicks that are super loud.. I believe my kick is just fine in level where it is..

as far as the volume issue.. thats where I went back and added in new parts and didnt get them to match it was close enough for me.. I wanted the really high part to be quiet since it being higher its going to be heard anyway.. there could have been better work done here with dynamical contrast but Ive yet to make one song that has a perfect everything.. something always suffers if something else is good..

I do appreciate your review and honesty..

could use a better mix-down

First half was good, second half kinda lost my interest.

The biggest problem I had with it was the sawtooths eating my ears. Could have been mixed a little better so it'd sound a bit more uniform.

Naruichigarra responds:

okay ill make sure to lower the volume of the sawtooth. I'll try to add a little more sounds and variety. Thanks for the review!

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